Totsy’s Top 5 Holiday Pins

Happy holidays! Nothing new, but you all know that we here at Totsy LOVE Pinterest!  We are practically addicted ;-).  We have rounded up out top 5 pins for the holidays!  These are just some of our favorites, but you can enjoy the holiday season with more pins from our Tis the Season board!

5) Heart- (and belly-warming) hot chocolateLove this idea! Put whipped cream on a cookie sheet, freeze, then use heart cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes.  Add to a steamy cup of hot chocolate!


4) Candy cane tablescape. Perfect for the holiday season – simple and festive!


3) Christmas tree cupcake.  How adorable is this??


2) Winter cocktails. Our favorite? The hot toddy. Warms you from the inside out!  Find the recipe on our blog along with a few of our other favorite winter cocktails.

Glass of hot toddy with cinnamon and anise. Shallow dof.

1) Cutie holiday photo op. We couldn’t help but smile at this little snowman! Have you ever had a creative and festive photo op with your child?


That’s all from us folks!  Don’t forget to follow and pin with us on Pinterest.

Share with us your favorite holiday pins by pasting in the comments below.

Happy holidays to your family from us here at Totsy!

Dine with Diana: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Today started with an early morning work call.  There I sat in the lounge of my daughter’s school, post-drop off, with laptop and headset ready to go. Like most calls, we started with introductions and pleasantries and the woman on the other end, well, let’s just say I could tell I was going to really like her. Right off the bat, she hit me with this: “Oh, I’m great this morning. I’ve already had my coffee and my chocolate chip pumpkin bread!” 

Hmm, did she just say pumpkin bread WITH chocolate chips?

“That sounds amazing, do you think I could get your recipe? I am actually writing a recipe blog post today and that sounds perfect.”

Turns out, you don’t need a recipe. I mean you can, if you’re the baking sort and like making it from scratch. In which case you just use your fave recipe. I prefer to use a mix like the one from Williams-Sonoma. Just add eggs and butter and you’re done! But, according to the lady on my work call this morning, all you do is add chocolate chips to your favorite pumpkin bread recipe.  Of course, I asked how much to add. A cup, half a cup?  Then, I knew I was making a friend for life when her answer was: “Well, I guess you could measure your chocolate chips, but I prefer to just dump a whole bag in!”

She didn’t have me at “Hello” but she certainly had me at “dump the whole bag in.”

I love life and am loving my new recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

Thank you, work-call lady




Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread


  • Either your fave pumpkin bread recipe OR
  • My favorite- Williams-Sonoma Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread Mix
  • Toll House Morsels, Semi-Sweet – 12 oz


  1. Prepare your mix as instructed on the box or your favorite recipe as usual.
  2. Pour in a full bag of Toll House Semi-Sweet morsels and mix.
  3. Bake as instructed, cool and enjoy!