Holiday Fashion: From the Office to Cocktails

We love the holidays, don’t get us wrong, but do you sometimes feel bogged down?  Whether it’s a commitment to attend your hubby’s office party or a promise to host a pre-Christmas brunch, there seems to always be something. And, the last thing we want to do? Worry about what we’re WEARING.

Here are some ideas on how to look your finest, for both casual and formal outings, without dealing with the hassle.

Black Dress with a Playful Scarf 

square-neck-a-line-dress-653844 Women's Gauze Heart-Print Scarves - Soft Jade

Black dress,, $29.00; Teal scarf, Old Navy, $10 

This outfit eliminates the need to pick out a top and a bottom that “match”. The black dress acts as a blank canvas, so have fun with the coloring or pattern of the scarf. This is our go-to when we feel pressed for time. Keep shoes simple with black ballet flats or booties.

Covered-Up & Fashionable 


Fitted turtleneck,, $18.75; Brown boots,, $23.75

In all honesty, sometimes we just want an outfit that covers us up – in a fashionable way of course! In comes the fitted turtleneck, a very flattering and appropriate option for many occasions – did we also mention that it keeps you warm?! Pair these with dark jeans and tall boots.

The “Not LBD” Cocktail Dress 


Pleated dress,, $44

Trust us, we love wearing black, but sometimes it’s nice to do something different. This cocktail dress still is in the neutral color family, but offers a pop of color through the yellow pleats and belt, so no need to accessorize! One piece, that’s it.

Skinny Pants & Flowy Blouse

button-front-collard-blouse-790660 ponte-pant

Blue blouse,, $16.75; Black pants,, $20

Black pants are great, they can be used for both casual and formal dress, as well as enhance your silhouette. Paired with a flowy blouse, you can’t miss! Feel free to accessorize too, we think gold earrings would go perfectly with this outfit! As for shoes? Black pumps, but not too tall… you don’t want to walk around like you’re in pain.

Tell us, what necessities do you put together for a flawless holiday look?


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