5 Ways to Wrap a Gift with Brown Paper Bags

At Totsy, we love to do our part to help the environment. That means recycling everyday, using a water filter to reduce plastic bottle waste, cutting down on printing and planting a tree for every first purchase.  So this year, we decided to forego wrapping paper and reuse paper shopping bags instead to do a small part to help our planet.  Here are some fun ideas we came across on the web when wrapping for the holiday season.  You can use brown paper shopping bags from grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Simply cut them flat, remove the handles and make sure the printed side is facing towards the gift when wrapping.

1.  Glitter Ribbon. Simple and pretty, we love how glitter works beautifully with the brown paper bag. Learn to tie this pretty bow.


2.  Snowflake overlay. Cutting paper snowflakes is a craft we used to do as kids.  We’re sure your kids will enjoy doing them as well!  Use colored computer paper and supervise as they get creative. Then overlay them to the wrapped gift and tie with simple white string.


3.  Typographic gift wrap. This is very clean looking and makes the recipient’s name stand out. Read the full post on how to create this simple and crafty gift wrap.


4. Winter  green.  Sometimes a simple arrangement can go a long way. We love the acorns and touch of sprigs. Find instructions on arrangement here.


5. DIY printed wrapping paper. Finally, if you’re looking for something with more oomph, try this easy DIY project for patterned wrapping paper. The kids would love this! Get creative!


Tell us, will you be getting creative this year when wrapping your gifts? Share in the comments below!

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