5 Unexpected Dangers for Baby

We make sure to have locks on our stoves and plugs for the outlets, but sometimes the most dangerous things for your baby aren’t the most obvious. Here are a few things to look our for that are dangerous to baby.

  1. Baby powder/talc:  They may be great for diapers but they are terrible for lungs. When inhaled, it can irritate the lungs or worse, if there are toxic chemicals or asbestos present.
  2. Canned formula:  Be careful, formula cans may be lined with BPA. If nursing is not an option, try dry powdered formula. Always be on the lookout for BPA-free cans.
  3. Antibacterial Cleaners:  We know you want to keep the nursery germ-free but those antibacterial cleaners can pose unnecessary health risks.  Soap and warm water is usually sufficient when cleaning most surfaces.
  4. Teething Toys:  They may be of great help to your little one when they’re teething but many are made with PVC plastic. Choose teethers made of organic cotton or silicone.
  5. Crib Mattress:  Make sure the mattress is made of natural materials or get a mattress cover to help babies with allergies.


Tell us, what are some unexpected dangers you’ve discovered?

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