The Mother Company Facebook Chat: “Friendship” with Dr. Robyn Silverman

Join Totsy & The Mother Company for a  co-hosted Facebook chat on the Totsy Facebook page!


We’ll be discussing the topic of kids and FRIENDSHIP with parenting expert Dr. Robyn Silverman, who provides parents with essential tools to guide their children in developing happy & healthy relationships. Join us!

For a sneak peek of our Facebook chat topics, check out Dr. Silverman’s guest post on The Mother Company blog today. She answers questions such as:

  • How can parents best teach their young children (3-6) how to meet other children?
  • How can we steer our children toward healthy friendships?  Making friends with people who will be good to them?

To see the full list of questions & answers, please check out the original post on The Mother Company website!  And check out “Ruby’s Studio:  The Friendship Show”, now available on DVD and download as part of The Mother Company’s award-winning line of children’s products.



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