Goodbye Movember, Hello December

As we move further into the month of December (we can’t believe it either), we are wrapping up a successful month of Movember. We were able to hear our dad bloggers talk about Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords and how if detected early, a life can be saved.

One of our very own, Nathan, participated in Movember as well; he grew out his ‘stache and shared his experiences (and photo journey) with us. As we wrap up, we got the opportunity to ask Nate a few questions about his experience.  He was also very excited to share the progress of his mustache.  Read more below:

photo (1)

Interview with Totsy’s very own, Nathan Feder.

  1. How does it feel to have that beard? For one thing, THIS is no beard, it’s a mustache… but it feels really itchy! But I have had lots of people come up to me and ask why I decided to grow a mustache, which gave me a great opportunity to tell them about Movember and try to spread awareness. So itchy as it was, it felt good to be doing something for a good cause. 
  2. Did you reach your fundraising goal? I didn’t actually have a fundraising goal.  I was just trying to raise as much as I could and do my part. 
  3. What are some lessons you learned? Make sure that no relatives get married mid-November. I was at a wedding where there were lots of pictures taken, I did not look good in them….
  4. Any plans to participate in Movember next year?  What would you do differently?  I will probably do it again next year. The main thing that I would do differently is try to get more friends involved with it as well. That way we can set up a team and make it a more immersive experience for the month, (also we can add a degree of competitiveness to it just to make it fun!)


Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and cancer in general is no joke. Which is why Totsy has decided to match Nathan’s donations, totaling $620 raised for his Movember participation.

Tell us, do you know anyone who has participated in Movember?  Please share in the comments below!

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