What Our Totsy Friends Are Thankful For

[Image source: chocolatebrides.com]

Last week, we posted to our Facebook page and tweeted asking our fans what they’re thankful for this year.  Here are some of your responses:

  • Lakeetha Collins: I’m thankful every day
  • Karen Amy Whitt Finley: i am thankful for my sons family and friends!
  • Shelli Zabiski Nolan: Everything!!
  • Andrea Kandy Glory: My loved ones:)!!!
  • Kaiti Sandifer: for my wonderful kids and a great partner to go thru this crazy life we have…healthy and happiness
  • Elizabeth A Masciocchi: My kids all home and not one fight very nice for a change.
  • Shandy Black: i am thankful 4 my kids and family also my man josh and his family
  • Julia Mackey: I am every day my eyes see a new day an myfeet hit the floor.
  • Veronica Hernandez: I am thankful for my beautiful kids Neveha, Alyssa, Alexander, Mila..
  • Shelly Dixon ‏(@atticgirl76): @MyTotsy I am #thankful for small blessings like caffeine on a Thanksgiving morning

Wha t are you thankful for?  Share with us in the comments below!

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