Sibling Rivalry Part 2: What to Do When Siblings Squabble

In Part II of our The Mother Company Sibling Rivalry series, The Mother Company chats with Dr. Joshua Sparrow, MD about how to manage (or stay out of?!) their children’s disputes, in order to best preserve and support happy sibling relations.

An interview with Dr. Joshua D. Sparrow, MD:

  • How do parents deal with the older child acting aggressively to the younger child?
  • How do we deal with the situation of the younger child messing up the older child’s toys or games? Remove from room? Simply explain?
  • What should parents do when the elder sibling regresses, uses baby talk, or wants to be picked up all the time?
  • Does sibling fighting indicate a future of a fractured relationship?
  • How can we cultivate sibling love that will last forever?

To see the full list of questions & answers, please check out the original post on The Mother Company website!  And look out for the upcoming DVD release of Ruby’s Studio: The Sibling Show as part of The Mother Company’s award-winning line of children’s DVDs and books.

Also be sure to visit Totsy’s YouTube page as our Chief Mom & West Coast Mom chronicle their own journeys with new arrivals and sibling warfare. 


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