How To: Decorate on a Budget

The holidays can be tight on ones wallet. From entertaining guests, to buying gifts, to getting the entire family dressed for the reason, sometimes there’s not enough left to spend on getting your house ready for the hoards of guests that will be taking over your home. Here are some foolproof and Totsy approved ideas that will go easy on your wallet, but look like you hired Martha Stewart to decorate your home. 

For you wine lovers:

  • Don’t throw away those empty wine bottles, reuse them as decoration. Spray paint them in various colors (coordinating with the holiday) and place them around the house among candles and other festive items.
  • You can even use the wine bottles for candle holders.

Put the Kids to Work:

  • Have the kids collect pine cones and leaves in the yard (good way to have them clean the yard as well!) to be used in centerpieces or mixed among your other decorations.
  • Remember the spray paint you used for the wine bottles? Add some color to the pine cones to make them more festive and coordinate with your theme. You can even use ribbon.
  • Leaves also look great on the dining table, especially has a runner. Get more life out of them by spraying starch (the same one you use to iron clothes) to help retain their shape.
  • Be sure to wash the leaves and lay them flat to dry before using.
  • Take your kids pumpkin picking, but get the smaller ones to be used on the table or in vases. Add leaves for an added touch.
  • Have your kids collect twigs of varying heights (make sure their are no creepy crawlers) and use larger vases to create a floor display. Add faux cranberries to the base to keep the twigs stable.

Dollar Store Finds

  • Dollar store candles and tea lights are the most inexpensive way to illuminate your home. You can decorate larger candles with ribbon or glitter by using a spray on adhesive.
  • Float tea lights in wine glasses with cranberries or use a large decorative bowl to flow multiple candles with leaves and cranberries.
  • Pick up a few bags of potpourri to liven up the senses, or make your own with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, dried orange peels, nutmeg, and any other spices you care for.

A Few Other Tips

  • Vary the height and size of your serving pieces. Incorporate footed compotes, trifle bowls, cake stands, and stacks of dessert plates to add dimension and visual interest to your entertaining surface.
  • Use fruits such as apples and pears as name card bases. Pin names to the fruit using needles with decorative heads. Super quick and easy!

Hope these tips make your home as festive as possible. Happy Holidays!

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