Movember Guest, Part I: The Daddy Complex

Note: This guest post is the first in a series, highlighting Dad bloggers rocking the Movember Campaign against prostate & testicular cancer. Enjoy!

{Meet David Vienna of The Daddy Complex }


Mustaches have a bad rap. Something about the smarminess of ‘70s facial hair spilled into the ridiculousness of the ‘80s. And really, nothing survived the ‘80s unscathed. Even David Bowie’s catalog. The death knell of a stylish sandwich duster was rung on a synthesizer. But, like my roller skates and cassette Walkman, I’m bringing the mustache back. And with it, I hope to help defeat cancer… Did I lose you? Let me explain.

Each November, thousands of men grow mustaches of varyingly embarrassing forms to help raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. The movement and organization is called Movember. As participants’ stubble limps toward credible mustache length, they urge their friends, family and coworkers to donate in the name of their facial hair. It’s all in good fun until the end of Movember when there seems to be an annual spike in accidents involving log splitting and premature pistol discharges at high noon.

Last year, I grew a nice semi-handlebar and raised a sizable amount of money as part of a Movember team of dad bloggers. I’m on the same team again this year and I’m thinking of going for something in the Wyatt Earp style, though knowing my growth rate, it’ll probably end more of the in the range of High School Science Teacher.

Of course, the terrible truth is that everyone knows someone affected by cancer. Just this year alone, my wife and I have seen two friends go through the steps of battling the disease. And through my parenting blog, The Daddy Complex, I’ve witnessed still others—mothers and fathers—begin their battles.

When I solicit donations for my Movember drive on my blog, I tend to speak of cancer as if it were a sniveling villain in a teen sex comedy, the kind of character you enjoy seeing fail. I speak of giving the disease a purple nurple or spiking its punch with laxatives. I also pair my posts with photos of dashing men who bravely sported a mustache, people like Burt Reynolds and Teddy Roosevelt. And yes, I’m quite aware I just mentioned the 26th president of the United States and the Bandit in the same sentence.

I personify cancer and then belittle it. It’s absurd, I know. So is growing a mustache in the name of cancer research. Yet, that absurdity takes away some of the pain, some of the fear, some of the sorrow. I’ll never invent the cure for cancer. I was an English major, after all. But, I can grow a pretty awesome mustache. And thanks to Movember, that helps.

David Vienna is the proud father of awesome twin boys Wyatt & Boone. Peek in on the Vienna family & David’s witty take on parenting at The Daddy Complex, or visit to make a donation to David’s team in the Movember fight against cancer.


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