How-To: Lavender Oil Body Mist

Lavender…few scents from the natural world ellicit such a profound and positive effect. The essential oil of Lavender is used to treat insomnia, reduce anxiety, improve concentration and create overall feelings of well-being. For many people, one quick whiff is enough to drift off into happy land.

Common uses of this miracle flower include body spray, room and linen spray, household cleaner fragrance and personal aromatherapy.  For an all-purpose spray you can literally douse your house or yourself in, try this quick mix at home. NOTE: Spare yourself the expense of buying watered down Lavender sprays and purchase a small bottle of Lavender essential oil and a small glass bottle w/spray top instead.

As with any essential oil, please no direct eye contact, and external use only.


17 drops Lavender essential oil

1 oz. water

Shake, spray, and be well.

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