DIY: Heart Elbow Patch

Pinterest is amazing for so many reasons, but one can always find a awesomely creative way to add individualism to a plain piece of clothing. This DIY is simple & super cute. It adds just the right amount of design to a dull sweater. Perfect for those cool summer nights!


  • wool sweater
  • 36 gauge felting needle
  • piece of dense foam
  • wool roving
  • 3” heart shaped cookie cutter
  • an iron


  1. Put your sweater on and place a piece of tape half an inch below each elbow.
  2. Take off sweater and place foam block in the sleeves.
  3. Align and center the cookie cutter along the top on the tape. Pinch off a few tufts of wool roving.
  4. Fill the cutter, make sure the wool fiber is evenly distributed.
  5. Repeatedly stab the wool roving until the surface is flat and even.
  6. Remove the cutter and patch up any bare spots by adding more wool roving.
  7. Carefully pull sweater away from foam block (the wool should have gone through sweater)
  8. Spritz with water and press with iron to smooth heart.
  9. Repeat steps on other sleeve.

Visit Honestly WTF for pictures showing exactly how to do each step!

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