DIY: Meal Planning Board

With work, the kids and everything else, life can get pretty hectic. Make your week a little easier by planning it out with a Kitchen Command Center. This DIY from The Clay Family adds fun to organization & meal time! A meal-planning board allows everyone in the family to make suggestions and turns dinnertime into fun family time.

(Image from The Clay Family )


  • cork board
  • craft paint
  • scrapbook paper/letters
  • mod podge
  • clothes pins (7-one for each day of the week)
  • push pins
  • fabric


  1. Start with an empty cork board, paint the edges with craft paint if you prefer a different color
  2. Choose scrapbook paper to glue over the cork part
  3. Glue 7 clothes pins to the across the top part of the cork board (one for each day of the week)
  4. Glue one letter to each clothes pin
  5. Use fabric to form pockets (favorites, fast and new-but you can choose any categories you please)
  6. Use push pins to hold the pockets in place

For more on this craft visit All Things Beautiful

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