How To: Monkey Baby Shower

Whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl on the way, choosing a theme can be difficult.  Censie, the author of Building Our Story , has provided us with a simple How To for the perfect baby shower. What better theme to go with, other than Monkeys!

For my brother’s girlfriend’s baby shower, her sister and I hosted her baby shower for her. The theme was Monkeys! The day turned out great and all our hard work definitely paid off when we saw how happy she was!

First things first-The Invitation

I decided to contact Inkberry Cards because of the amazing work they did for Jude’s first birthday party invitations. We stuck to blue and pink since my brother and his girlfriend are having one of each.

Next up-The Cake

We loved the idea of having dots on the cake to match the invitations!

Can’t forget-Centerpieces

For the centerpieces we used pink and blue pails filled with Banana Runts. Each pail also had a chocolate monkey pop in it! We also put beautiful blue and pink flowers along side the pails. Instead of flowers you can use pink and blue balloons instead! Attach a weight to the string of the balloon and put it at the bottom of the pail.

And last but not least-FOOD!

We made all of Kayla’s (mommy-to-be) favorites. Mini P,B &J’s, Baked Mac n’ Cheese, Mini Pigs in a Blanket, Spinach Dip, and Cheese and Crackers!

Overall, the shower went just perfect and as planned!


Censie is author of Building Our Story, which started in 2009. She loves to use it as a way to track family events and milestones. She and her hubby, Jeremy, welcomed baby Jude into the world in 2010. They are building their story every day and appreciate you reading and commenting! They can’t wait to meet you!!

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