So the Baby Wet the Bed..

It happens. It can be frustrating. But it’s not little John’s or (Jane’s) fault. Bedwetting is common and if you’ve had more than one child, you’ll know this. Developmental expert, Bronwyn Charlton, Ph.D of the Seedlings Group says, “Parents often get frustrated about nighttime accidents, assuming that their children are just being lazy but the ability to wake and use the potty during the night is due more to physiological development than a learned behavior.” In order to keep your sanity, follow these tips*:

  1. Don’t flip when accidents happen. Encourage your kids and let them know that many kids wet their beds and that it was only an accident. Clean up. Move on.
  2. They can drink water. Restricting fluids after dinner won’t do anything except increase the amount of pee when they do decide to pee.
  3. Pull-ups help. It may seem like a step back and kids might feel ashamed. If that’s the case, buy a new brand and tell them they are special nighttime underwear. Save actual underwear for when the child is older and the mornings are dry.
  4. Perspective is important. Pediatricians say that bedwetting isn’t considered a problem until after the age of 5.
  5. Be encouraging. Praise your child for any success; from fewer soaked pull-ups to smaller wet spots.

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*Courtesy of ScooterTraffic.


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