Dine with Diana-DIY Frozen Yogurt

Two things were brought to my attention today:

1. Perhaps I write too many recipes for salad and pizzas. Valid point. I do. It’s weird how blogging can call attention to the trends in your life that you don’t even notice.

2. I am addicted to frozen desserts. OK. This wasn’t pointed out to me today but I’ve known it for years. Something about summertime and frozen ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, etic., is literally addictive to me.

So, since I’m always TRYING to be healthy and set a healthy example for the kids, I remembered a little trick I created back in college. Technically, my best friend taught me when we lived together sophomore year at LSU.

It can be as healthy as you want it to be depending on the brand of regular non-frozen yogurt you buy. This is so fun and easy that there are so many directions you could take with this idea! Do share! And enjoy the fruits of your frozen labor!

Try it out and let me know how it goes. I love reading your comments!




  • individual store-bought yogurt flavor of your choice (examples are Dannon, Yoplait, Fage’, Stonyfield Farms etc)
  • or create your own flavors and individual servings with a large container of vanilla or plain yogurt
  • fresh fruit of choice (optional)
  • nuts, granola, coconut, cereal, other toppings- the sky’s the limit
  1. If cups are already individual sizes, simply freeze cups in freezer overnight. Remove from freezer a few minutes before serving. Open container and pop out frozen yogurt in a bowl. It will likely be in the shape of the cup it came out of depending on type and fat level of yogurt. Add toppings as desired. Or, just eat it straight from the cup!
  2. If using ice trays or Popsicle trays to create individual servings from a large container of yogurt, stir the yogurt while it’s in the large container to create a consistent texture. Then scoop into trays. You can also add fruit or granola to the bottom of the trays for a frozen topping when you pop out your treat later. Another option is to stir in sugar-free or fruit-only jams to make your own flavored yogurt before spooning into your trays.
  3. If using trays, consider covering with plastic wrap to keep them from taking on any other tastes/smells from your freezer.
  4. Insert sticks if using Popscicle trays or even for icecubes if you like. Freeze overnight and enjoy.


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