Summer Readiness

Memorial Day is this weekend!

Let’s talk summer because that’s what Memorial Day signifies right? The official start to the summer season. It is the day after which it’s okay to wear white without being judged. It’s the weekend pools across the nation start their official come-pee-in-us season. It’s a wonderful time of year! AND the kids are home ALL day EVERY day!

So here’s a Dumb Mom’s Guide to Summer Readiness: Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Mind When Your Kids Crash Your Spot for the Summer!

DO:Snag yourself some cool summer gear! And by gear I do not mean Styrofoam swim noodles and arm floaties. I mean some cute summer dresses, stylish sandals, and perky accessories for mom!

DON’T: Bother worrying about what your kids are going to wear unless you’re going on vacation or to a special event then of course they are going to need some acceptable summer attire. Otherwise, summer should be your frugal season when it comes to kid clothing!

DO:Get yourself an amazingly delicious, shamelessly easy, go-to summer recipe. Mine is salsa. And, having this recipe in my arsenal secures me an endless summer of cook out invites!

DON’T: Show your I-can-throw-a-rockin-party-cards too early in the season. Personally, I don’t have any rockin-party cards to show. But if you do, I say you keep them on the down low until Labor Day!

DO: Make sure you have access to a lifeguard inhabited swimming pool. Head to the pool, stake out a spot on a loung-y pool chair, slide on your dark glasses and pretend to watch your children frolic in the pool for a few hours while you actually sleep off and on. As long as you have snacks and wake up periodically to dole them out along with a healthy dose of sun protector no one will be the wiser.

DON’T: Sign yourself up for any play dates at your house.Tell the kids to tell their friend’s parents to drop them off and pick them up at the swimming pool.You can still catch your afternoon nap, your kids will have something to occupy their time, if someone gets hurt you can blame the on-duty pool officials, and you can buy everyone ice cream from the truck before they go home making yourself look like the hometown hero you always knew you would be!SCORE!

Hope Memorial Day marks the start of a great summer season for you and your family!


Dumb Mom has been wowing the Internet since 2008 when she launched her pretty-much-useless guide for parents, parenting BY dummies.  As it turns out her parenting advice is not generally good for more than a laugh, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! You can Tweet with her online as @dumbparent, but don’t expect her to be serious.  It’s virtually impossible.

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