Bad Habits To Break Before Bed

Most of us are lucky if we get a few solid hours of sleep a night. Why all the tossing and turning though? Your nightly habits may be what’s causing it. Allure suggests breaking these bad habits so you can get a good night’s rest!


Watching television before you go to bed causes your body to think its not time for bed yet!


Lights off! Any amount of light can disturb melatonin levels, which help you sleep! Shut the lights and turn those digital clocks away from you!


Speaking of digital clocks, avoid them while trying to sleep. By looking at the clock before bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night, you will just become anxious. Turn the digital clock away from you-the lack of light also helps!


Whether it’s coffee, tea or soda, caffeine stays in your system a lot longer than you may think. Try avoiding caffeine eight hours before bed-yes that’s right, EIGHT!

Tight Pajamas

Skip the super tight pj’s and try slinky (which can also be sexy!). Tight pajamas interferes with circadian rhythms causing your melatonin levels to decrease and body temperature to increase! This will cause a bad nights sleep!

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