Earth Week Sweepstake: Little Things Can Change the World

Happy Earth Week Totsy families! We like to think that Earth Day is everyday, in fact we work hard to maintain eco-responsibility in our business practices. Did you know that we recycle, use reduced packaging, take mass transit, plant trees and offset our carbon usage, just to name a few? We’ve learned that a million tiny things — really can add up to a whole lot.  In fact they can change the world.  And we know our customers care deeply about the world their children will inherit.

So we’d like to hear from you too!

Enter our “Little Things Can Change the World” sweepstakes, and share what little things you do with your little ones, to help make their world a greener place. Sweepstake link is live through Monday, April 30th.

Three (3) lucky winners will receive prize packs from our friends at Bumkins Organics, iPlay, Wear Your Intention and Full Circle. And for one (1) grand prize winner, Totsy will donate $100 to their favorite environmental charity.

Wait, there’s more! When the sweepstakes is over we’ll share our favorite answers, so check back here . Who knows what little things we might learn from each other? Carry on eco-warriors.

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