Baby Snooze Strategies

Your little one’s sleeping schedule may be throwing yours into a loop. To get your precious sleep back try some of these sleeping strategies for your baby.

  • Your baby already knows your voice when they are born. In a soothing tone read them a story. The tone of your familiar voice will help them get sleepy.
  • The womb isn’t exactly the quietest place in the world. Your baby was use to your heartbeat and noisy stomach. Silence while they are trying to sleep might scare them. Try a fan or white noise machine.
  • While in the womb, babies are tightly packed. Swaddling will help your baby fall asleep because its like being back in the womb.

  • Avoid eye contact if your trying to get your baby to sleep. Having eye contact can excite your baby, which is opposite of what you want.
  • Routine is a important. Having consistency will help your baby understand when its bedtime. Naps are equally important and contribute to their mental and physical growth. No naps may lead your little ones to NOT sleep well during the night.

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