How Many Kids Do You Want?

My husband and I vow not to talk about the kids when we have time to ourselves but inevitably our discussions always revolve around the kids. I am sure you can relate if you have kids.

My personal dilemma is that my husband is set with having two kids. His logic is we have two healthy children, a boy and a girl, so what more can we ask for in our lives. He feels that having an extra child will be more than we could handle both financially and physically. Twins are prevalent in my family, so that leaves the possibility of child #4.

While I don’t want another child this year and perhaps not even next, I do want that third child. I actually long for that third child. I blogged previously about my fear of having a second because Hayley was a TERROR as a baby. However,  Zane rolled around and he assured me that all babies are not as difficult as my Hayley was. I now believe that I would be more prepared if we were presented with the challenges of raising another colicky infant. Having a second child to me, was so much easier than bringing my first child in the world. My whole mentality and outlook at raising the second child was more scaled back and relaxed.

So, the real problem I foresee in the future: My husband is completely done with having kids. I don’t feel done at all- I want to go through pregnancy again! I want to have a squishy newborn again! I want a third child! My question for all is: Can you relate to my dilemma? Did you and your husband see eye-to-eye on how many kids you would like? What was the outcome?  How did you know you were done?

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My name is Melissa and I have two kids. Hayley is 3.5 years old and Zane is almost 1 years old. I am a part time children’s dentist and full time mommy. I write fabulous reviews for sites, such as Totsy, and host giveaways. I also write personal posts about my kids and information/advice posts that I think all moms would enjoy! I hope you visit me and say Hello!

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