Spring & Summer Trends to Love

There are exciting new trends popping up all over just in time for Spring/Summer! Celebs love them, we love, and we hope you do to! Python shoes, brightly colored handbags, lace tops, Kimono Jackets, and unique dresses!

Python Shoes are the perfect addition to a simple outfit! Add just the right amount of texture to a simple black dress or wear it with jeans and a white t-shirt!

Bright Handbags are becoming a very popular trend just in time for the warm weather. Add brightness to a dull outfit and turn your day around!

Lace Tops are super cute and add a feminine touch to your outfit. Wear a lace top with jeans and cute heels (try python heals!) and your ready for any occasion!

Kimono Jackets are a popular trend amongst the celebs and we can see why! These jackets are so different from what we are use to seeing and the designs are beautiful! The yellow one worn by Nicole Richie is a fave!

Dresses are an all time favorite when Spring/Summer comes. No matter what the occasion is you can never go wrong with a sundress! Spruce it up a bit with a new style. Try a dress with pleats, a square neck, unique prints, asymmetrical hems, peplum dress, or even a drop waist! There are so many options out there to play with!

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Visit Glam.com for more Spring/Summer fashion tips!

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