How To: Make Your Own Body Scrub

It is almost time to break out the flowy sun dresses, cute shorts, and pretty tops. Dull and dry skin is the worst accessory for spring and summer! There are so many scrubs out there to choose from, but that means taking a chance and spending money on something that may or may work. To avoid this make you own body scrub!

All you need is:

  • 2 parts salt or sugar
  • 1 part beauty oil
  • Essential oil

You can find salts or sugars at any grocery or health food store. If your skin is super dry you should go for a more coarse salt or sugar. If you have fairly normal skin then a finer texture would be enough to take care of any dead skin. (Remember: your skin is your largest organ but it is also delicate, so you want to take care of it!)

Beauty oil can be found in most grocery or drugstore. You can see the benefits of different oils from Free Beauty Tips. Beauty oil will add moisturizing benefits to your scrub.

Coconut oil is great for moisturizing!

Add several drops of an essential oil of your choice! This is where you can really make the scrub your own. Choose your favorite scent to start your day off smiling. Exfoliate before shaving and follow up with a moisturizer for silky glowing skin!

For tips on different salt or sugar textures, beauty oil benefits, & more additives for your scrub visit Free Beauty Tips !

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