Rockin’ Baby: Making a Difference, One Sling at a Time

Here at Totsy, we love offering great brands at amazing prices, but we are also proud to feature brands that have a social conscience, too! Rockin’ Baby is a great example, not only do they sell their coveted “pouch” and slings, which is worn by stylish moms everywhere (think Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani), but they also help those in need.

The Mother to Mother movement was started by Kathryn Wiley, a mother of 5, who understands the importance of the mother-child bond. Kathryn started her mission in Haiti, the country with the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. She made a commitment that with every Rockin’ Baby sling sold, Rockin’ Baby would donate one to a mother in Haiti. 

The giving doesn’t stop there… Rockin’ Baby also educates mothers on the impact a sling can have on their lives. In addition to making it easier to nurture, breastfeed and love, the slings allow mothers to improve their daily life while creating and growing a bond with their child that lasts forever. This is what the Mother to Mother business is all about, helping each other across the globe and making a difference!

Shop the Rockin’ Baby sale today on Totsy!


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