5 Easy Ways to Create a Picture Perfect Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Totsy fans! Now is the perfect time to celebrate the season of love, but you don’t need a dozen Hallmark cards to show them you care. Here are five easy ways to make today special, even if you’re off to a late start. Now go make Cupid proud!

1. Round up the reds. Remember that red napkin and tablecloth set that’s been lying around since Christmas? Put it to good use today —and don’t forget to mix in whites and pinks. Display items you already own to save time and money.

2. Make something sweet. Whether it’s a batch of yogurt-dipped strawberries, a platter of red snacks, or deliciously festive heart-centered cupcakes, everyone from your little ones to the hubby will love a special treat!

3. Get crafty. Make your spouse smile with homemade valentines from the kids. Check out our card-making tips here.

4. Send e-cards. The Internet is so much more than a procrastination tool (who knew?). Give your gal pal one more thing to smile about by leaving a little surprise in her inbox! Create your e-card here. It’s free!

5. Say ‘I love you.’ Whether you’re a stay at home mom or head out to the office every morning, these are the three words you need to say today. They’re worth so much more than cards and chocolates!

-Diana Denza

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