Just When You Thought Potty Training Was Over…

It’s not. Kids are bound to have accidents long after parents believe their kids are potty trained. However, no need to fret. We’ve got a few simple tips (courtesy of Scooter Traffic) to help get your precious ones back on track.

Avoid reacting with anger or discipline. Your child already feels embarrassed or disappointed for their oopsies. Scolding will only lead to potty rebellion or resistance.

Figure out the pattern and antecedents. Maybe your child dislikes having to wash their hands after they use the potty. Perhaps they don’t want to stop playing. Or maybe they’re just afraid of the bathroom. Find out what they’re thinking by having a supportive and casual convo when the accident occurs.

Sprinkle in potty-training reminders. Gently remind your child that he needs to use the potty and that he should try to keep his underwear dry.

Use the “pause button” plan. Children “forget” to use the potty when they’re too busy having fun. Let them know that their toys and activity will still be there after they return from the bathroom—and remain true to this promise.

Praise them. Boost their confidence by praising them after they have used the potty. Let them know you’re excited he remember to go to the bathroom and kept his underwear dry.

You can read more at scootertraffic.com

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