The Today’s Collection Founder Tells All!

I consider myself lucky and honored to know Jack Kiefer. Jack is the CEO of and more importantly, a brilliant and passionate dad who knows just almost everything about everything.

His knowledge will empower you and create instant trust. Now, on Totsy we are thrilled to be offering products from the brand  he created after years in the business called The Today’s Collection which includes both nursery furniture as well as pregnancy and nursing support pillows for moms.

I asked the hard-hitting questions we all want to know the answer to.
Check him out again tonight during our first ever webinar and again tomorrow during our Twitter party!

CHIEF MOM (CM): Jack, you’ve been selling baby and children’s products for 15 years now. What made you decide it was time to create your own brand? (include being a Dad in the answer)

JACK: Over the years, has received thousands of product suggestions which range from fashion ideas, to feature improvements to completely new product ideas.  It became clear to me that when we received hundreds of requests for a black crib, and none of our manufacturers would obliged that it was time we started to develop our own furniture brand.  At the time I designed my first crib, my first son was 2 years old, and I had plenty of ideas in addition to finish selection where I would improve on traditional designs.

CM: Lets start with nursery furniture. What have you done to make Today’s Baby furniture line different from what’s already out there on the market? (discuss quality, design, strength, green, affordable)

JACK: Problems with the existing cribs:

1) Neither my wife or I ever used the drop side (I am 6’ tall, and my wife is 5’2” tall).  I was concerned how flimsy the drop side cribs seemed.
2) Most cribs didn’t include a trundle drawer.
3) Most cribs used cheaper woods or thinly cut sections of hard woods.
4) Had slats on all 4 sides.

Design improvements from my experience with my first child with the Today’s BabyTM Sarasota Crib:

1) The Today’s BabyTM Sarasota Crib is a stationary crib without a drop side, and has a sweeping curved teething rail.  This is the only crib on the market with this design.  This provides for a sophisticated appearance with easier access for a shorter person.
2) Space was at a premium in our first nursery, and I wanted to have extra space for the next size or seasons clothes.
3) My son was able, by the age of 2, to rock his original crib, and I wanted to make sure that the Today’s BabyTM Sarasota Crib was heavier and more stable. I used cold weather select hard wood timber for all of our furniture.
4) Every night I put my son to bed, I had to kneel down after he started to doze off and crawl out of his nursery.  Inevitably, he would look through the head board slats on his crib, and start to cry.  I designed the solid head board and foot board to give me more cover to  sneak out of the nursery for my second son.

CM: And how on earth did a DAD get to be such an expert on pregnancy and nursing support pillows?

JACK: I saw how uncomfortable my wife was through her first pregnancy, and at one point brought her home a pregnancy pillow.  After watching her toss and turn for months, I started to get a few ideas on how to design a new pillow with would begin to address her sleeping and comfort problems.

Innovations with the Today’s MomTM Pillows:

1) The head of the pillow is actually a pillow.  Before she used the Today’s MomTM Pillow, she used to add 2 or 3 pillows beneath her pregnancy pillow.
2) I made the Today’s MomTM Pillows longer.  As her hips began to spread, the Today’s MomTM Pillow  was long enough to comfortably wrap between her legs to support her knees.
3) I designed the legs of the pillow to be wider offers mode lumbar support, and doubles as a nice nursing support.
4) I also added a super lone zipper which made changing and washing the pillow cover very easy.

It was clear to me that a good night’s sleep for my pregnant wife was worth the time it took me to learn how to sew and to come up with a new solution for her.

CM: It seems like you certainly are a “Jack of All Trades” – I heard you liked my title of Chief Mom and decided to declare yourself the Chief Mom with a Beard! We like that. How can our moms learn even more about you and your brand?


Don’t forget to join us tonight for our first ever Webinar with at 8:45 PM ET!! Register here:


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