Breeze Through the Airport With Totsy’s Travel Tips!

As if packing wasn’t enough of a hassle, tired mamas also have to deal with the tedious trip through the airport. Typically chock full of nightmarish crowds and massive amounts of confusion, the airport can stifle almost any attempt at holiday cheer.

So, to help you (and your little ones) have a very merry trip, here are some tips on how to breeze through your flight —and avoid making enemies at airport security!

1. Stow belts, fine jewelry, and fancy shoes in your carry-on. I’ve been a regular flyer for years, and I’ve learned this the hard way! Sure, you want to look cute for family/friends when you step off the plane, but these outfit additions will slow you —and everyone else— down at security. If you have kids in tow, just imagine fumbling to remove their bulky coats AND a whole lot of accessories to boot. Your family will still love you if you meet up with them in your comfiest pair of sweats, we promise!

2. Travel light. Think twice about lugging around that sequined frock you’ve worn once in the past year. Chances are, it’ll stay at the bottom of your already packed suitcase. And if you’re a workin’ mama, think twice about whether you want to haul your laptop through the airport. You’ll have to remove it from its case for security on top of keeping a protective eye on it at all times. Check with relatives to see if you can respond to e-mails and the kiddos can have their half hour of game time on the family desktop.

3. Ship all gifts beforehand. Not only will those extra suitcases cost you big, but they’ll be quite a load to bear, especially if you’re hopping aboard public transportation to the airport!

4. Go (Under)Wireless! Feel comfy while passing through airport security —minus the dreaded pat down! There are tons of options for bras without underwire, so if you don’t already have one in your overflowing underwear drawer, this is the time to give yourself a little holiday treat! Before heading out, make sure the little ones aren’t wearing anything that would potentially set off metal detectors —and for young kids, a potential crying fit.

5. Make sure all of your liquid beauty products are travel sized! This is especially important for those of you whose relatives aren’t flying mavens. Gently remind them to forgo the bottles of perfume and moisturizer for giftcards!

Remember, moms, not everything will turn out the way you planned! So, check online for any flight delays and don’t forget to crack a smile. After all, the holidays only come ‘round once a year!

For more holiday tips, check out our post on how to avoid stress while traveling! 

Photo credit: GrasieMercedes

-Diana Denza

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