Get Crafty: Transform Old Magazines into Gorgeous Gift Wrap

Looking for a creative way to get your gift-wrap on this holiday season? Look no further than your own magazine rack. This trick is one of my favorite twists on gift-giving. It’s a great way to be crafty, save money and reduce your footprint by “upcycling” things you already own to make functional new use of them.

From a very early age I found the notion of paying for new wrapping paper – only to rip it to shreds and toss it in the landfill – a bit absurd. So instead, I started tearing out beautiful pages from magazines I was about to recycle, and began using those to wrap my gifts. Health magazines, yoga & surf magazines, travel, you name it. National Geographic Magazine is a veritable gold mine of stunning imagery. Always feels like a waste to just toss it in the bin, right? Now you don’t have to.

Also fun is to select images according to the interests of your lucky gift recipient. So for this round of wrapping, I had gifts for my surfer hubby, my nature-loving brother and my sassy grandma who always has the hots for classic cowboy stars.

The possibilities are endless. One piece of advice that I did not heed here – is to always use the clear tape – not opaque. And instead of those cookie-cutter gift tags – just cut out a smaller image and fold it in half, like the white flower you see below.

Et voila.

Bonus: You don’t have to be über artsy to pull this off, but your friends and family may suspect otherwise.

Blog post by Totsy’s very own, Autumn Moss Penaloza. Follow her on Twitter (@totsyautumn)

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