How To: Tweet Posts From Our Totsy Blog!

Ready, set, go! You’ll tweet for your chance to win our Easy Walker travel system —valued at a whopping $800 —in no time!

We know many moms today are posting photos, sharing content, and hitting that “Like” button on Facebook. But Twitter can sometimes feel like a mysterious new world! Luckily, we put together some tips to help you navigate the waters. Read on to find out how you can become a Twitter giveaway pro in no time!

  • Beginners: to create an account, Twitter has a Help Center with a tutorial on how to secure your username and tons of useful info on how to find the perfect background, find your friends, and get tweeting!
  • When you’re set up and ready to win big, head over to @MyTotsy and hit the follow button. Also, don’t forget to register for Totsy if you haven’t already!

  • Then, head over to our official blog and spend some time reading our totally mom-friendly content!

  • When you’re done, choose your favorite post and click on the pencil icon at the top right of the post’s title.

  • After you’re redirected to the post’s page, scroll down to the bottom. At the bottom left, you’ll see a Tweet button. Hit the Tweet button, which will bring up a tab asking your to share the link with followers.

  • You’ll want to do that, but not before adding the #Totsy #Giveaway hastags and a few words about why you love the post. 
  • Voila! All that’s left to do now is check out our great social media content and wait until tomorrow to tweet again (for additional entries)!

For up-to-date info on sales and other Totsy fun, follow us on Twitter (@totsyfan, @mytotsy) or Like us on Facebook (


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