Dine with Diana Fridays: 11 Things You Can Eat 11 of on 11.11.11

No directions or ingredients today. As Khloe (29 mos. old) would say, “No way!”

There’s too much fun to be had with today’s date, 11/11/11. The next time this will be the date will be 100 years from now on Nov. 11, 2111! I don’t think I’ll be around- you?

So, I decided to think of 11 fun favorites (not necessarily the healthiest) foods that would be good to eat in groups of 11, perhaps as a meal of sorts.

Enjoy and have fun- maybe you’ll be inspired to have some fun with your family at dinner tonight!

11 Things to Eat 11 of at Dinner Tonight:

  1. 11 Brussels sprouts (Shoot me- I LOVE Brussels sprouts- roasted- sea salt-yum)
  2. 11 fish nuggets- my kids like them and I won’t lie, so do I!
  3. 11 peas
  4. 11 French fries
  5. 11 kernels of corn
  6. 11 spirals of whole wheat pasta with Parmesan (or as Khloe calls it, “Papa John”) and butter!
  7. 11 cubes of cheese
  8. 11 pretzels or gold fish
  9. 11 oz. of milk for kids and 11 oz. of wine or cocktail of choice for the grown-ups 😉
  10. 11 m&ms
  11. 11 more m&ms

Happy Friday, Happy Veteran’s Day and a Very Happy and Fun 11/11/11!

Chief Mom

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