Celebs & Fashionistas Agree: Juliet Dream Maternity Wear is Perfect for Moms-to-Be!

1. Why the name “Juliet Dream”? While designing our collection I have always been inspired by classic romantic tales, and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet believed in endless love and romance. Our line is heavily influenced by these ideas… timeless love, and combining classic and ancient elements with modern style.

2. You have a large celeb following; from Jessica Alba to Angelina Jolie to Leila Ali. Why do you suppose that is?  Some celebrities like Angie Herman find our brand in local boutiques, and fall in love with our signature tailored fits. Others become Juliet Dream addicts with help from their stylists. It’s so important for a woman to be able to carry on her personal style throughout her pregnancy, especially if she is in the spotlight. Angelina Jolie was looking for versatile key pieces with great shapes to flatter her new figure. She was photographed numerous times in her Juliet Dream wardrobe, before and after she gave birth. Jessica Alba was looking for colorful looks for a photo shoot and we lent her our line. She loved it so much, after the shoot she ended up keeping every single piece!

3. Why should Totsy mommies (or mom-to-be’s) purchase from the Juliet Dream collection?  We use quality fabrics that wash and wear beautifully, and the styles will become integral to your wardrobe and will transition perfectly with your regular wardrobe long after you’ve retired of your other maternity clothing.

4. What are some of your favorite Juliet Dream pieces?

Our Favorite Styles (and yours!):

  • The Zig Zag Pant:  This bootleg pant comes in several colors of cotton stretch sateen and features a comfortable under the belly waistband. It’s also has a flattering fit on your new body after baby.
  • The Ana Top Nursing Top: A sophisticated surplice nursing top accentuates your figure with an empire waist. We offer this style in rich hues.
  • The Tweed Skirt: A comfy jersey waistband makes this work-ready skirt comfortable and professional.

5. How did Juliet Dream come to be? What’s your brand’s story?  Ever since I was a child, I was never happy with the clothing you could buy in stores, so my mother always made me custom outfits. This inspired me to become a fashion designer, and spending a number of years in the industry, my friends and sisters began getting married and getting pregnant. I started making them custom designs for their maternity wardrobe, and realized that there wasn’t anything like them in the marketplace!  Maternity clothing looked nothing like regular women’s ready-to-wear, and it was uncomfortable and boring as a whole. My line began when I developed an innovative pant waistband that fit under the belly, supporting it instead of covering it. Every store that began carrying our styles kept reordering and couldn’t keep them on the shelves! Our over/under belly soft waistband won the award for most comfortable maternity pant three years in a row at Fit Pregnancy. We began receiving a lot of press and the line just took off from there!

**Check out the sale on Totsy starting 11/12! Shop here: http://bit.ly/pGg11S


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