Hey Guys…Real Men DO Use Coupons!

The main purpose of this post is to talk about two things that normally don’t go together…men and coupons! Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few of us men out that that LOVE using coupons, but we’re CLEARLY outnumbered by the ladies. When you compare male coupon users to women, we’re like 1 in 1,000 (or maybe 1 in 10,000)! This lopsided statistic is because a lot of men think that coupon use is not very manly, or just a complete waste of time.

Over the past 23 months I’ve received countless e-mails, mainly from women claiming that their husbands simply don’t understand the full concept of coupons. They ask me for any tips I can provide to help get their husbands hooked on coupons. Their other half doesn’t see the point of clipping all those coupons, probing for store deals and prepping for shopping trips, etc.

These ladies have been on the receiving end of that disgusted look, countless of times, as they’ve reached for their scissors. They’ve also heard that tired old line (in one form of another), “Real men don’t use coupons!” Does this sound all too familiar to you ladies as well? Sorry guys, but I have to say it…real men DO USE coupons! The main reason why men should use coupons is to save their families money…PERIOD! By using coupons correctly, you can save your family serious money, and in turn use those savings to better provide for your family’s well-being. It’s plain and simple!

For me personally, the decision to use coupons religiously pretty much happened overnight. For the first 30-something years of my life, I only used coupons for pizza, oil changes and the occasional car wash. If you had told me five-years ago that I would be so passionate about coupons, and spend 6-8 hours per day trying to find ways to save money, I probably would have laughed at you (really)! So with that being said, let me share with you how I got “hooked” on coupons.

When our son was born four years-ago I was faced with the reality of spending countless (hundreds…even thousands) of dollars on diapers, wipes and formula. I thought to myself, is there any way to save some money on these items other than sales? I really have to thank my wife’s OB/GYN for signing us up for countless baby-related mailing lists, as this is what got the gears in my head going. When stuff came in the mail, I started to notice that most of the FREE samples came with high-value coupons. One night I decided to sit down and plan out if using all these coupons would really save us some much needed cash. It turned out they would, and the savings were significant, but I still wasn’t convinced. My wife then suggested we go to Target and put this money-saving plan in action.

I still have the picture in my head of the poor guy behind us at Target that next day; his facial expression spoke volumes. “I’m in line for one package of socks, and this guy has the nerve to use a HUGE stack of coupons!”, well at least that’s what I read from it anyway. That man’s expression soon changed when he heard the final tally for our first big post-birth shopping trip. Our $100+ shopping spree turned into a mere $46 “splurge”, and the fellow behind us now stood there like a deer in headlights! He couldn’t believe how much we’d saved, as could we. This immediately “hooked” me on the coupon high, and coupons were now my new best friend!

To add fuel to my passion was the discovery of the hundreds of deal seeking, coupon clipping mommy bloggers out there! Daily I would go to these sites to get my fix, and I soon noticed that there was a huge shortage of testosterone in the coupon clipping community. That prompted me to get into the game, as I wanted to help people save money, and hopefully inspire more guys to get involved with coupon use. Hence, the Coupon Clippin’ Daddy site was born in November of 2009, and the rest is history!

To finish, I’d like to speak directly to all the guys out there, so please pay attention! Men, say the following three times…“Real men USE coupons!” There, now you’re hooked…just kidding! But seriously, why aren’t you using coupons guys? Companies put these coupons out there to help save you money, so why not use them? That extra money you save could be used for a Disney vacation, or maybe that new 50”+ flat-screen TV you’ve been pining for!

I always suggest you start out slow, as those EXTREME savings you see featured take a lot of time to get to; it’s also been proven that rules have been broken to get those HUGE savings! With a couple hours a day of research, and a couple of hours shopping on the weekend, you can easily start saving your family 30-50% off your weekly grocery bill. Keep in mind that it will fluctuate, as some weeks it’s higher (and other it’s lower), it all depends on the sales that week! Be patient, visit some of the coupon blogs to get a feel for deals to be had (i.e. Coupon Clippin’ Daddy), and with some time you’ll be clippin’ coupons like a pro! You’ll also have your better-half to thank for it too!

Happy Coupon Clippin’!

About: I’m a working father and husband that loves to save our family $$$. I’m always sharing my frugal adventures w/ friends and family, so I figured why not share them with everyone else on Coupon Clippin’ Daddy. All comments and suggestions are welcome. ENJOY!

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