5 Easy Ways to Layer Your Look This Fall

In these tough economic times, it can be difficult (read: impossible) to splurge on a brand new fall wardrobe. As much as we’d love to leave the mall with more than just the cold weather gear we picked up for the little ones, we know we’ll only be twirling around in a designer dress in our daydreams.

Luckily for us, the layered look is here to stay this season, so you can be your usual stylish self even on a tight budget.

Here are five tips to help you look tres chic as the temperature drops:

1. Don’t put all of your shorts into storage just yet: heavier fabrics like tweed and wool can carry over into fall with a pair of knit tights. Add a chunky sweater and your favorite pair of boots to take your cozy look to the next level.

2. The same goes for floral dresses. Summer frocks are flirty and feminine, but often too lightweight to wear past September. But paired with a blazer or biker jacket and tights or leggings, you can continue to rock this breezy look as the leaves fall.

3. Stepping out in tees and tanks doesn’t have to be limited to the dog days of summer: with a cardigan and a thick scarf, you’ll practically be living in your summer shirts all season.

4. Despite what your mother always told you, don’t be afraid to bust out the white! From handbags to jeans, you can lighten up your fall wardrobe and still look cool. Just don’t go overboard, unless it’s Halloween day and you’re going for the ghost look.

5. Hit the accessories section first. Before heading down to the clothing department (which can lead to a major hit to your credit card), plan outfits around new scarves, hats, and stockings. Instead of dropping tons of cash on dozens of fall pieces, you can work with what you already have in your closet – with a few fashion forward updates, of course!

-Diana Denza


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