How To: Halloween Bat Mobile

Grab the kids for and get ready for a Halloween art project that is super easy and will have your living room looking like a haunted house in no time.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 sheet black construction paper
  • Black thread or yarn – 6 different lengths
  • White craft glue
  • 6 pennies
  • 2 – 12” wooden dowels (or tree branches for a more creative effect)
  • Black permanent market
  • Black jewelry cord or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Bat wing pattern (


  1. Using the pattern, cut out 6 bat wings from the construction paper by folding the black paper in half and place pattern along fold where indicated.
  2. Once cut, open the bat wings.
  3. Place a dot of glue onto center of bat wings and place a piece of black thread into the glue.
  4. Press penny into the glue on top of the thread. Do this for all the bats.
  5. Color pennies with black permanent marker.
  6. Cut jewelry cord, 24” long. Tie one end of cord to the branch or dowel and the other to the center of the second branch/dowel. Tie the other pieces of cord to the center of the branch/dowel, leaving the end loose; this will be the end which you’ll hang the mobile.
  7. Lay the mobile on a flat surface. Tie two hanging bats from the top dowel/branch – left and right. They should be short enough so that it does not touch the bottom dowel/branch.
  8. Tie the other four bats to the bottom branch/dowel – making sure the lengths vary.
  9. Hang the mobile to see if all is evenly spaced.


  • You can add wiggly eyes to the bats to create a friendlier look.

Happy Halloween!

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