Frugal Living Through Online Sources

For coupon-loving, frugal moms, the Internet is the “go-to” for locating savings. As a mother, it’s certainly a demanding task to fulfill the requirements needed to properly parent a child, all the while saving valuable resources like time and money. Let’s face it, in today’s busy world, it’s unrealistic to play traditional“cut-and-save” games by filtering through a variety of confusing coupon books. But with the help of the Internet, saving money has become more efficient, and the opportunities have become more widely available.

Great Gas Deals — One area where people are seeing the prices rise constantly is in the cost of gas. For many, utilizing public transportation isn’t an option in their daily commute so incurring the cost of gas is inevitable. To find the best gas prices locally, check out the website Gas Buddy to search by state & then area to find the cheapest prices available. Updated by users, you can join the site & help keep other users up-to-date on the best deals around. If you’re not sure where a station is, just click on their map feature to get directions. You can also download the Gas Buddy smartphone app to stay in the know on the go.

Grocery Coupons — Even more necessary than gas is food; no matter how many people you shop for, buying groceries can be a very expensive errand. By taking a trip to Grocery Coupons, you will be able to find coupons on many different necessities before you go to the grocery store. If you are going to order food online, take advantage of the coupon codes the website has. The website will even help you save money on their prescription medications.

Don’t forget to check manufacturers’ websites for coupons directly from them, your local store’s coupon book and to take advantage of price saver cards that many stores offer.

Used Merchandise – Garage sales aren’t just for the summers, visit Craigslist to buy used items from people all year long. Craigslist sells almost anything; appliances, furniture, vehicles and even houses. People can list their used goods, provide pictures and a description for people browsing through. As someone posting your belongings for sale, you can use the secure email that they provide you or you can list your own contact information for a quicker response.

Other Websites for Great Deals – Several other websites give people a chance to find great one day deals. Woot is a daily deal site that offers a great deal on an item per day that is available until it sells out or the day changes. Living Social is also a one day deal site that allows you to select your area and buy vouchers for the daily deal available. After you buy your deal, you can send a unique link about it to people you know; if 3 more people purchase the same deal, yours is free! You can give deals for gifts and stay up-to-date with the Living Social app for your smartphone. Groupon is a site that works almost identical to Living Social. However, you can get $10 in Groupon Bucks when you refer friends instead of a free deal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom or a wealthy investor like Daniel Zwirn; Using sites like the above can be a great way for you to help pinch pennies by catching great deals. Share any other sites that help you live frugally here!

About: David Suntin of Trending Today is an engineer, blogger, and sports aficionado.

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