Foods that Calm & Foods that Get You in the Mood

Whether you need to calm your nerves before a huge presentation or get in the mood, these super foods will have you covered. So reach for these items that is easily found in your kitchen!

Nervous before a big presentation? No worries, oatmeal helps to stable your blood sugar so you can put your best foot forward.

The vitamin C in oranges also helps to reduce the hormone cortisol and stress.

Ready to tackle a tough workout? Coffee an hour before exercising increases endurance.

After working out, recover with low-fat chocolate milk. The protein-to-carb ratio is ideal for repairing and strengthening muscles.

Forget the oysters. If you need to get in the mood, red hot chili peppers will stimulate your libido. They fool the body thinking it’s in pain and flood the brain with endorphins, enhancing pleasure.

Can’t sleep at night? Forego the turkey and reach for a banana.  They contain the snooze chemical, tryptophan — and it’s healthy!

Images courtesy of Google images and content courtesy of Elle Magazine.

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