Live in a Rural Area But Need to Save Money?

Does this look like your neighborhood? Beautiful scenery but no stores for miles? Trust me, I have felt your pain. I lived in such a small town once that a drive to a simple grocery store was at best 20 miles away, not to mention they weren’t very coupon friendly.  I had to get creative in ways to save on groceries and basic household items. Want to learn how I did it? Well here is my secret:

One option is buying groceries online. Does that sound crazy? Nonperishable items can be found for at least the same prices as your grocery store will charge you (more often than not even cheaper than the stores) for items such as cereal, pasta, baby food and all kinds of other items you can stock up on!! Amazon’s subscribe and save section  is full of items you can buy in bulk, and cheaply! Let me tell you how this works. 

By signing up for Amazon’s subscribe and save   you will get an extra discount (and can be canceled after your shipment arrives if you don’t feel the need to buy it again) and if you spend over $25 you will get FREE shipping! That means you saved money by not having to fill up your money…I mean gas tank to head to the store!!  You can get discounts on all kinds of items, groceries, personal care items and even baby items through the subscribe and save option!

Another way to save is to sign up for Amazon Mom  to get an extra discount. When you choose both subscribe and save and the Amazon Mom options you can save up to 30% off Amazon’s already low prices on diapers, wipes and anything you need to take care of your baby’s needs! You can get diapers for as low as 10 cents per diaper, and wipes as low as 2 cents per wipe. That is without even leaving the comfort of your own home!! Did you know Amazon now even offers COUPONS on certain items?! You don’t even have to get out the scissors to use them!!

Amazon is also a great way to save on Christmas and birthday gifts for the kids!! They are always having very discounted prices on toys and games to keep those kids happy and busy. It also makes you happy because it leaves more money in your wallet so you can afford to make that long drive just to treat yourself to Starbucks or a pedicure. Who knew saving money could be so easy?

Be sure and keep an eye on CentsLess Deals to bring you the hottest online deals to help save you money! Also check out our Facebook page for giveaways and fun games!

As you can see, it’s super easy to save even if you don’t have a supermarket or superstore nearby!

About me:

I may be a frugal blogger and run a website etc. but I’m also a mom, a wife, and really….I’m just like you!! I thought you might like the opportunity to learn something about me other than my couponing skills. So here’s a little about me, JB.

I am a mommy of 4 kids ages 10, 7, 6 and 4.  Yes, I realize that’s a handful, and no, I don’t like it when you ask me in a grocery store if they’re all mine. My instant response to that is ”no, these are just children I have collected on my shopping trip, better keep an eye on yours”. That never goes over well!

I had a lot of friends buying Christmas presents and paying full retail *gasp* so I started the blog to help them save money. Remeber this phrase (I made it up I THINK) Friends don’t let friends pay full price!!! I’ve always had the knack for finding a bargain and I wanted to pass that along to my friends on my blog.  So that’s how CentsLess Deals was born!

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