Review: A Light in the Night Helps My Daughter Sleep Tight!

My daughter and I couldn’t wait to try out CCA and B’s “A Light in the Night” stuffed animal and board book set, and after a few dreamy nights, we wondered how we ever did bedtime without it.

My baby girl slept tight with her adorable light-up friend. This fuzzy little creature was super soft and cuddly –a perfect nighttime pal for any kid.

The light in this plush’s stomach glowed brightly enough to let my princess know that there really is nothing to fear at night. There are no big bad monsters in her closet –just one too many tutus!

Created by a mom whose son feared those things that went bump in the night, this book and light up plush combo is the perfect way to get my little princess ready for bedtime.

She loved the book, which teaches kids that there’s nothing to fear –especially when they have their light-up doll in hand. We even played a little storytelling game with the colorful illustrations after the book was read, reread, and just about memorized.

Best of all, this colorful board book features an online access code for an official “Certificate of Bravery” for those valiant kids of yours! What kid wouldn’t love a little reward for making it through the night without hopping into bed next to mom?

Check out their website,, for amazing gifts for all occasions! There is something there for everyone, happy shopping!


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