Free Week of Stroller Strides Classes!


Click here to print your free week of Stroller Strides classes! Today we’re sending some mommy love to our friends at Stroller Strides — the total body fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It’s the coolest thing on wheels. Bring your babe (and your stroller) and the professional fitness instructors will lead you and your fellow moms through a challenging workout that is sure to get you back in those pre-pregnancy jeans in a flash. And don’t worry if you need to stop and tend to baby’s needs, this is a moms-only class, so you’ll all be in the same boat. Stroller Strides is a great way to get in shape and meet fellow mommies in your neighborhood. Your baby won’t be left out either. Instructors weave entertaining songs and activities into the class, so that both mom and baby can stay focused and have fun.

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