Keep Your Cool With These Breezy Dessert Recipes

Have your little ones grown tired of noshing on the same old packaged snacks you’ve been serving up all year? It’s time for some chill-inducing treats that will help your kids beat the heat and save you from slaving away in the kitchen. Mom-friendly and tot-approved, these simple summer recipes will keep you cooler than a snowman in a blizzard.  Brr!

The Arnold Palmer Ice Pop:


Super simple, yet oh-so-refreshing, these ice pops will help you and your little one withstand the summer sun.

What You’ll Need:

-one quart iced tea and one quart lemonade of your choice

-large pitcher

-large mixing spoon

-ice pop molds (available at your nearest Target)

How to:

-pour iced tea and lemonade into pitcher and mix thoroughly.

-gently fill molds and let freeze overnight or until hardened.

-take outside and enjoy! This mix can fill approximately two dozen molds, but you don’t have to make enough for a small kiddy army! Just leave the extra mix in the pitcher, throw in some ice and a few mint leaves, and break it out at your next family dinner.

The Fruit Cone:

This summery treat will put a smile on the faces of both health-conscious moms and their sweet-toothed tots.

*Note: You’ll easily be able to make more or less depending on your family size and appetites!

What You’ll Need:

-fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas

-flat-bottomed cones

-a sharp knife, strainer, bowl, and cutting board

How to:

-slice fruit into pieces that will easily fit into the shaft of the cone.

-separate strawberry slices and blueberries and wash in strainer.

-place fruit mix into bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

-when you and your little one are ready for a refreshing treat, scoop fruit pieces into cones and enjoy!

The Fruity Peanut Butter Pop:

All the goodness of candy apples, minus the cavities and empty calories! You and your little one will never look back.

*Note: You’ll easily be able to make more or less depending on your family size and appetites!

What You’ll Need:

-fresh apples of your choice

-small spoon

-one package of popsicle sticks

-one tub of creamy peanut butter

-cupcake holders

How to:

-cover apples in thin coatings of peanut butter.

-place each covered apple into a cupcake holder to make this treat especially sweet!

-push popsicle sticks through middle of apples

-refrigerate for 30 minutes or until chilled and go nutty! To add even more yum, cover top of apple with chocolate shavings.

-Diana Denza

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