5 Tote-Friendly Items That’ll Perfect Your Beach Trip

Summer is in full swing, so what better way to prepare for the impending heat waves than by scheduling some time on the sand? Scouring the department store for a cute tote is the easy part, but filling it can become an entirely different story. When you’ve checked sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and beach toys off your checklist, you might want to invest in a few of these helpful products before stepping into that new swimsuit.

1.      Waterproof Camera

We know you love to document your little one’s every sassy pose and wide smile. But taking your expensive digital camera to the beach can be a disaster waiting to happen. Who wants to deal with sandy lenses or a watery slip-up? Not us! This summer, you can easily pick up a waterproof camera at major retailers like Target or Wal-Mart for under $100. All that’s left to do is say cheese!

2.      Climate Protection Finishing Spray

We all understand the importance of slathering on sunscreen before we hit the beach, but the sun’s rays can also do some real damage to your hair (think faded and brittle locks). With this in mind, it’s important to stow a small bottle of finishing spray in your tote so you can lounge under the sun safely.

3.      Moisturizing Lip Gloss

While you might have already perfected your summer tan, make sure your lips look as good as your bronzed body. Chapped lips will steal the spotlight, and not in a good way. The quick fix? A nourishing lip balm that will hardly take up any precious tote space. For added fun, opt for a flavored coral hue. Yum!

4.      Media Case

There are some things that shouldn’t be baked. Take your iPod, for instance. Now’s the time to invest in a colorful media case to stash your trusty electronics in. And even if you’re not glued to your music mix, chances are your kid will look to you for device storage space.

5.      Oil-Blotting Paper

Sunscreen, makeup, the blistering heat –need we say more? Even the driest of skin can become oil-slicked during the hottest months of the year. Lucky for us, blotting paper makes it effortlessly easy to dab grease away, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun in the sun!

-Diana Denza

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