How To: Plan the Ultimate Girls’ Night

You’re overdue for a girls’ night out.  You know it, your husband knows it — even your dog knows it.  Put the mop away and kick the toys under the couch.  Here are some easy tips to kick start your girls’ night.  Just don’t forget to kick your husband and kids out of the house!


1. Bye bye mess.  Don’t drag the vacuum out.  Just hide loose papers and toys in the nearest toy bin.  It’s only for a few hours!  And chances are once the kids are back, the toys will end up right where they were to begin with — on the living room floor.  So save yourself the time and headache.

2. Simplicity is key.  Admit it, coming up with a theme can be a pain in the butt and too much work!  Save that for your book club.  Simply, enjoy the company and the cocktails!

3.  Bartender who?  No need to play bartender.  Make a jug of sangria and call it a day.  Have a tub of ice stocked with beer or even a few bottles of wine around.  Everyone can help themselves to whatever they feel like and you won’t miss a second of fun.

4.  Fun finger foods.  With drinks, you need food!  Go with comfort foods like pigs in blankets, sliders or spinach artichoke dip with pita chips.  Want a healthier snack?  Chopped up veggies with hummus or fruit skewers.  Thanks to pre-chopped bags of veggies and fruits in the supermarket, this will save you some time in the kitchen!

5.  Girl talk.  The whole point of a night like this is to NOT obsess over the best oven cleaner or your kid’s report card.  Gossip, chat, laugh and relish in each other’s company!  The hubby and kids won’t be back from the movies for another 2 hours!  That’s winning!


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