8 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

One of the biggest eating struggles a parent has is getting kids to eat vegetables. Overall, my boys are pretty good about eating vegetables. Below are some of my tips on how I got my boys to like vegetables.

Tips for getting kids to eat vegetables:

  •  Offer a variety of vegetables. When the kids go grocery shopping with you let them pick some of the items from the produce department.
  • Get the kids involved in growing a vegetable garden. Vegetables are a lot more tempting if kids are involved in the growing process. Plus homegrown vegetables taste so much better!
  • If they don’t like cooked vegetables, let them try raw vegetables and vice versa. My boys like broccoli lightly steamed but not raw.
  • Keep trying. It takes several times for kids to accept new foods. Even if my child didn’t like the item the first time, I keep putting it on their plate. I encourage them to taste the item again and I suggest they should try something new.
  • Let the kids dunk veggies in a sauce or a dip. Ranch, guacamole, salsa or a sour cream dip are good options.
  • If your child is really objectionable to vegetables, you can make purees and then add those to recipes. The Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious have great recipes for using purees.
  • Keep vegetables readily available. If my kids want a snack before dinner, I try to give them fruit or a vegetable. Baby carrots, snap peas, cucumbers and grape tomatoes are our favorite vegetable snack.
  • Be a good example! I know this is a tough one! If you eat your vegetables, your kids will too. This is something that my hubby has really been working on. I have to remind him almost every night to put vegetables on his plate. He doesn’t mind them- he just prefers other items!

What are your tips for getting your kids to eat their vegetables?


About Our Guest Blogger: Renae is a mom of two boys and works full time as a dental hygienist. In her spare time, she blogs at How to Have it All. Join her as she journeys through motherhood trying to balance work, motherhood and saving money. She writes about How to Coupon,Easy RecipesKroger Deals and so much more!


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