How To: Make a Labyrinth from a CD Case

With all the rain that we have been getting, why not get the kids together for a fun, creative DIY project.  We at Totsy love puzzles and we came across this fabulous DIY labyrinth that will keep the kids entertained!  It will also give them a chance to get creative as they create their own mazes.

You’ll Need:

  • Bakeable clay – you can find this at your local craft store
  • Wax covered strings – try Bendaroos
  • Recycled CD Cases
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Tape


  1. Remove the center CD holder from the CD case.
  2. Use the waxed strings and cut and bend them to create your own maze.  The string will stick if you press it firmly onto the case.
  3. Make the tiny ball by rolling them between your fingers then bake them so that they harden (follow the instructions on the package).
  4. Tape construction paper to the back of the CD holder.
  5. Close the CD case and voila! You have just created your own labyrinth!

Courtesy of: Projects by Teri

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