Have a Summer Style Fling With Turquoise

If you’re seeking statement-making summer jewelry, leave the silver and pearls at home and step outside in turquoise. Not only does the color make your white garb pop and channel breezy mornings seaside, it’s also a celebrity favorite this season.

Stars from Salma Hayek to Cameron Diaz have been spotted donning everything from turquoise studs to intricate neck-pieces in this calming hue.

Here are five Totsy tips on how to work this trend into your wardrobe.

1.      Everyday

We know summer means play dates with the kids, backyard barbeques, and never ending piles of wet laundry – not exactly formal occasions. But you can add a trendy touch to your effortless basics with a pair of turquoise earrings. This season, you’ll spot everything from simple studs to hoops, butterflies, and flowers. So go ahead and get creative, but remember: when you’re shopping for sales at the supermarket in shorts and flip flops, earrings fit for a date night with the hubby will look out of place.

2.      Beach

When you’re sprawled across the sand, less is more. A beaded turquoise necklace will spruce up your sundress so you can go from reading on the beach to brunch with ease. But accessorize with rings or bracelets and you’ll spend the afternoon hours digging for lost jewels.

3.      Work

Turquoise accents will get you noticed at the office but won’t make you look gaudy. So, add a splash of fun to your summer skirts and blouses without looking like you robbed a costume jewelry shop.   

4.      Party

Now’s the time to make a statement: liven up your frocks with this bold blue hue. You’ll wow the crowd with drop earrings and a stylish wraparound bracelet. Best of all, these aren’t one-time-wear pieces that you’ll stow at the bottom of your jewelry box – unlike that bejeweled birthday tiara you insisted on bar hopping in years ago.

5.      Date Night

The house is clean, the kids are playing board games with the babysitter, and you’re waiting for your husband to walk through the door and feast his eyes on your show stopping new dress. While you’re at it, why not cover all the corners – literally – with these flirty blue gems?   

-Diana Denza

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