How To: Get Creative for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’ve been scrambling for a last minute gift, Totsy can help. Instead of running off to the mall to track down useless trinkets and card store castaways, treat dad to a gift he’ll treasure.

His celebration will be unforgettable with these five DIY gifts.

1.      Scrapbook

Now’s the time to get those vacation pictures you’ve been storing on your computer developed! If you’re like us, you have more than a few family photos stowed away in the attic, so break out those boxes and get crafty. Have the kids write granddad-loving messages or draw colorful pictures to paste in between images. He’ll be wondering if Picasso really is a distant relative after all.

2.      Message on a Plate

Pottery shops where you can paint your own plates, mugs, and small statues have been springing up across the country in recent years. But if you’d rather get creative from the comfort of your home, retail giants like Target usually carry plate-painting kits. Let your little ones go wild: pictures, messages, a mix of colors – we promise, this will warm dad’s heart and earn a permanent place on the mantelpiece.

3.      Family Tree Poster

Help him cherish the family history on an all-inclusive poster. If you’re not a fan of this leafy project, create a collage instead. Complete the present by framing it. It’ll be the best piece of wall art dad’s received yet.

4.      Memory Box

For the dad who has a million and one collectibles but nowhere to store them, a hand painted wooden box will be a sentimental reminder of your love for him and his stamp/coin/rock collection. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, deck it out with a personal message or colorful design.

5.      Board Game

For the seasoned gamer bored with playing the classics for two decades too many, he’ll find that exciting surprises are in store with a personalized game. Transform your old Monopoly board into a world that looks a whole lot like where you grew up – complete with family member game pieces.

Totsy Tip: Go the extra mile by whipping up his favorite meal or mailing him a batch of homemade cookies. If you’re not the cook in your family, take over his dad duties by helping him mow the lawn or wash the car. He’ll appreciate it!


Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Totsy!

-Diana Denza

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