Edible Gifts Plus Cookies Make Celebrating Sweeter

Give the new mom in your life a savory sweet treat to celebrate the birth of her first (or latest!) little bundle of joy. With decadent chocolate on the outside and an entire Oreo cookie’s worth of goodness on the inside, Edible Gifts Plus has succeeded in creating the perfect way to pamper mom.

This rich, creamy treat can satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. We’re counting our calories, too, but a special occasion calls for an unforgettable sugar rush.

Available in milk chocolate blocks with light pink, blue, or yellow lettering, these customizable indulgences can be made to spell out “baby” in honor of the precious little one.

The minimum order of a dozen cookies costs $30 and each additional cookie is another $2.50. But if you’re looking for a creative treat on the cheap, the shop’s baby feet cookies are available in white or milk chocolate with pink or blue accents for $23.40 per dozen.

And if she’s expecting twins of different sexes, there is a convenient assorted pink and blue baby feet option that fits the occasion without the need for separate gifts.

So, if you’re still scouring the sites for a gift mom would really enjoy, look no further. Personalized details show you’ve been taking gifting seriously and at the end of the day, who can deny a box of delicious chocolate?

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-Diana Denza

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