Diana’s Top 5 Picks This Weekend On Totsy

If you’re like me, you’re probably still suffering from post-holiday weekend blues, but on the bright side, it’s officially the weekend again! Summer weekends are a wonderful time, so be sure to do something fun with your family and enjoy them!

And of course, be sure to celebrate with some of these cool items on Totsy! 🙂



Hair Candy by Sweet Petunia-My oldest is always on the hunt for more and more hair accessories! She can’t resist anything that shimmers and sparkles. This satin headband is, naturally, far too fabulous for her to pass up! It’s from one of my fave lines, Hair Candy by Sweet Petunia. A cool shiny sequin butterfly decorates the hat, along with tulle and a feather accent. ITEMS UP TO 55% OFF!! Sale ends 6/6!! http://bit.ly/k1JQtx

Party Partners-Everyone knows that summer always brings summer birthday parties. With all the crazy things parents do for their kids’ parties these days, it can be hard to impress anyone! These Happy Birthday Cupcake Sleeves from Party Partners, however, are sure to make your sweet treats stand out. The sleeves slip right over your cupcake’s original baking liner for a very festive -and tasty-presentation! ITEMS UP TO 69% OFF!! Sale ends 6/6!! http://bit.ly/iZAJzq

Shinobi Baby-I love finding new, unique looks for my girls. This Mandarin neck dress offers an interesting twist on the classic dress and pants combo. Another thing I love about this dress is that it’s made by Shinobi Baby, which is a fabulous all-organic line. This dress is made of organic knit cotton, so it’s environmentally friendly, comfortable, and looks adorable! ITEMS UP TO 67% OFF!! Sale ends 6/7!! http://bit.ly/mSCCTm

Brainy Baby-Going on a summer car trip with the family? Tune out the endless “Are we there yet?!” questions with this ABC DVD from Brainy Baby. The DVD uses vivid colors and classical music to teach your little ones all about the alphabet in a way that is both fun and educational. And you get to listen to Mozart on your car trip! Everybody wins. Sale ends 6/8!!  http://bit.ly/kyMM0c

My True Nature-Bath time can always be a real challenge, but you can make it a little better by using products like Bobo’s Bubble Bath & Milo’s Wash combo from My True Nature. This great bath set combines gentle, organic plant-based cleansers with nourishing, calming, and moisturizing olive oil and aloe to give your little one an all-natural bubble bath experience. My girls love this bath set, which is bottled in entirely recycled and reusable materials! ITEMS UP TO 50% OFF!! Sale ends 6/6!! http://bit.ly/fQwkR3

Diana Heather is Totsy’s Chief Mom.  Also a member of our Mom Committee.  Connect with Diana on Facebook and Twitter!

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