5 Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

We all know to keep it light and loose when it comes to our summer garb, but that often isn’t enough to keep the heat at bay. Here are five Totsy tips to keep you cool as a cucumber when the sun blazes.

Stay Fit

When you’re a little on the hefty side, it’s much easier to be affected by the heat. Add an early-morning stroll into your routine and nosh on fruits and veggies instead of cookies and ice cream to keep the pounds – and sweat – off.

Use the Freezer

On those sultry summer days, take a few washcloths, run cold water over them, and pop them in the freezer for a few minutes. Then, enjoy the arctic blast as you sit outside with your cool new neckpieces. If you’re a fan of hand and body lotions, stow them in the freezer during your shower so when you’re ready to moisturize, you’ll feel a welcome chill.

Avoid Stress

If at all possible, don’t engage in family or work-related drama until after the heat wave has passed. Stress activates your sweat glands, making your body slick with unwanted moisture. That’s not sexy or good for your health!

Turn it Off

Minimize your energy use and you’ll enjoy sweat-free days. Laptops, lighting, and ovens all release unwanted hot air into your home. When you’re not reading to the kids or frantically working out the kinks to a company partnership, sit back and relax sans the energy-eaters. And instead of cooking up a storm, snack on fresh fruit or frozen yogurt – easy and healthy!

Stay Hydrated

Carry a bottle of water in your handbag at all times. You have to work harder to stay hydrated during hotter months. Skip your morning coffee trip and after work alcoholic drink – they’ll dehydrate you faster.

-Diana Denza

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